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Set Integrated Windows Authentication for IIS Website

We have a webapp running on IIS that is using SQL authentication for accessing it's database. We want to change this to Integrated Windows Authentication.

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2020/02/25 14:09 · sjoerd

Create Manual WebSite in IIS

I needed to create a redirect in a local environment, as a temporary solution, so end-users could access a specific website using a short url. The url was already made available through dns and was simply: http://applicationtest.

Note that if this is not already done you can add the following line in your hosts file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts when testing: applicationtest where is the IP address of the server running IIS.

→

2020/02/25 12:59 · sjoerd

Set Application Border Colors on Windows Server

Sometimes you have the need to differentiate servers by color because they simply look too much alike, for example, when having production and acceptance servers with the same application. Now usually you could easily do so by setting the background, preferably through a GPO. However, if you use application virtualization or Citrix you also want to set the application borders to a different color.

→

2020/02/21 13:37 · sjoerd


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