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WIKI Disclaimer: As with most other things on the Internet, the content on this wiki is not supported. It was contributed by me and is published “as is”. It has worked for me, and might work for you.
Also note that any view or statement expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions or views of my employer.

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SHIFT - Sjoerd Hooft's InFormation Technology

This WIKI is my personal documentation blog. Please enjoy it and feel free to reach out if you have a question about something.

Getting Started with Azure DevOps for AWS

After Getting Started With AWS, Getting Started With Office 365 and Federated Login for AWS with Azure AD and Transfer Domain to AWS I now also want use Azure DevOps in combination with AWS. The goal is to use Azure DevOps as the code repository and use a build task to upload my code to an AWS S3 bucket which is hosting the domain. This article describes the steps to do so. Used technologies:

  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure AD
  • S3 Static Hosting
  • Azure DevOps Build Pipeline
  • Azure AD Enterprise App

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2021/09/24 08:06 · sjoerd

BlueDolphin for Infrastructure

As an infrastructure specialist, bluedolphin is for me a highly valuable tool to create order and structure in my infra landscape. It's obviously capable of doing more, but this article concentrates on it's capability to use the archimate standard to represent a computer network. Traditionally done in tools like Visio or online with (originally known as bluedolphin has the benefit of re-using objects as these are added to a database. Which, conveniently, is right away your CMDB.

The biggest downside of the application… well… it's not free. There is no way to fiddle around with it if you don't work at a company that has it. There is one exception, if you are a freelancer you can contact them to join their ZZP/freelancer community, in which case you get access to your own free environment and as a bonus a free training (at least when I joined).

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2021/09/24 08:05 · sjoerd
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